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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: March 19th 2022

Put your pedal to the medal with Desert Road!

We love a driving game and deserts at Beano HQ, so Desert Road ticks all the boxes for us.

Get into your vehicle, strap in and hit the highway for the ride of your life!

To play is simple: use the arrow keys to avoid the obstacles in your speeding vehicle’s path. Need to brake suddenly? No problem – the spacebar is your friend! 

If you’re on a tablet, simply tap the the lane you want to be in and pull back on your car to slow down. 

You’ll need a steady nerve and cat-like reflexes to dodge the debris in your way, like barriers, petrol pumps, road cones and furniture! Don’t forget to avoid your fellow road-users – because that’s just good manners – and be sure to collect golden coins along the way!