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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: December 20th 2022

EvenOdd Space

Welcome to Even/Odd Space, where numbers affect your navigation!

Your ship’s computer is set to a special set of rules to help it avoid collisions and obstacles. Whether your ship number is EVEN or ODD , you can only absorb objects that match your type of number.

But be careful – this game gets tricky! Your ship will randomly jump between numbers 1 (odd) and 2 (even) – so you have to pay close attention to your flying saucer.

There are all kinds of obstacles to dodge (or absorb!) – planets Mercury or Venus, gas giants like Jupiter or Saturn, stars like our own Sun or twinkling constellations like Ursa Major, you’ll even have to avoid a flying icy comet or two (or a flaming asteroid!). Don’t forget the sprinkling of moons and meteors that will whizz by the windows of your spaceship.


Once you’ve had a shot at flying amongst the stars, how much did you manage to score?

Just 1-2 – Yikes! Are you EVEN trying?

Only 3-5 – Well, a slightly ODD score, but not a bad one!

About 6-9 – Wow! You’ve really ZEROED in on the aim of the game!

More than 10 – Amazing job! Make some SPACE for a new high score!!