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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: October 14th 2022

Can YOU find the PUG?

You’ve heard of birdwatching and trainspotting, but are you reading for DOGFINDING?

You’ve only got a limited amount of time to find the pug in this reaction-based hidden object game. Scan your eyes over a room full of cute doggy drawings and see if you can spot a grey, brown, brindle, or dark pug. Don’t get distracted by all the other dog breeds, as the whole room will be covered with hounds, pooches, pups, and mutts – who are remarkably well-behaved to be standing in such a well organised grid.

The first few levels are pretty easy, but the game starts to heat up quickly (a bit like a pug in the sun – the shade is much healthier for our squat doggy friends). The timer will decrease each level that you advance, so keep your eyes keen and your finger on the button.

Need some help? Try using your finger (or mouse) to methodically guide your eyes around the screen and keep an eye out for the pug’s big eyes! Normal pugs can have quite bulging eyes that require special care and attention, so just like the real thing, you’ve got YOUR eyes peeled to try and spot THEIRS.

The buttons in the game might look like dog treats, but make sure you don’t overfeed your pets in real life! Our four legged friends need plenty of exercise as well as a balanced diet in order to remain healthy and happy pups.

The Beano team would be quite impressed if you could guess all the other dog breeds that are onscreen too – besides pugs obvs! How many can you guess?

1 – 3 Doggy Don’t Don’t! You DO-DO not know much about dogs, huh

3 – 5 Pups’r’us! Not bad, but not the best. You could do with a more dog-eyed view of the world.

5 – 7 Poochy Keen! You know a lot about our fluffy little pals!