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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: February 26th 2022

How loudly can you GNASH?

As part of our Libraries Aloud week, we sent Beanotown’s brainiest boffins into their special audio research lab to work on a device which can measure how powerfully you can GNASH.

After weeks and months of scientific analyis, hammering and rolls of sticky tape, the GnashTron2000 was born. This amazing device will measure how loudly you can GNASH. It will react to your noises, so you can watch the mysterious soundwaves dance to your gnoble efforts.

To take part in this important scientific breakthrough, make sure your microphone is on, active and allowed or the GnashTron can’t hear you. Select a ‘mode’ button to give Gnasher extra colours and costumes. If Gnasher’s not responding, check your microphone, refresh the page, tap ‘help’ and GNASH away – the louder, the better!

You can do it while reading your favourite comic or just use the device while you do your daily imitation of the world’s most famous Abyssinian wire-haired tripehound. It’s up to you!