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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: July 29th 2022

To infinity and beyond…

It takes a lot of work to become an astronaut. You need to have a masters degree, undertake two years of training and take a difficult physical test to ensure you’re equipped to cope the demands of being in space. Or you could play Infinity Explorer, a fun game which allows to travel between planets without even getting off your chair! This seems very reasonable to us, because if you’re in space for months at a time, you’ll miss your favourite weekly comic, not to mention your family, friends and even school!

To play is simple. Click the screen to make your spacecraft move forward onto the next planet. Watch out for objects orbiting these new worlds, because if you collide with them, you’ll lose a shield. Don’t hang around on each planet for too long either, because you might get hit by a rocket! The more planets you visit, the more points you’ll score – you might even go into hyperspace and pass loads of planets in the blink of an eye!