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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: April 29th 2020

Match Three Donuts

It’s national donut day at the Beanotown Bakery, where YOU have been put in charge of donut distribution! Dozens of delicious deep-fried donuts need to get boxed up for big orders from hungry customers. Are you up to the task?

Match combinations of more than 3 donuts to send them on their way, and into the mouths of hungry donut lovers.To make a match, you need to get two donuts to swap spaces. Tap the first donut, and click or drag it to swap it with a neighbor. If you’ve made a match, the donuts will disappear. Om nom nom!

To pass each level, your goal is to match enough donuts to fill the orders, seen at the start of the level. Check out the top part of the screen to see how many remaining matches you have to make. Watch out – matches of the wrong types of donut will still clear space on the board, but they won’t help you reach your goal.

Make sure you don’t run out of time in the level – keep clicking until all your orders are filled, and move on to the next level.

Beanotown Bakery has a few different flavoured specialities; 

Strawberry Shortcake – A bakery classic with pink icing and sprinkles
Blue Raspberry Star – cool blue raspberry icing with sugar star sprinkles
PB+J – a sweet vanilla donut with a peanut butter and jelly frosting
Caramel – chocolate and caramel icing, with a ring of caramel in the middle
Lemon Lime – a sweet and sour treat, with lemon and lime flavoured strips of icing
Toffee – chocolate topped donut with bits of fudge, and toffee chunks in the middle
Creamsicle – the vanilla ice cream classic in donut form, sweet icing and vanilla sprinkles
Purple Mystery – a fruity flavour that you can’t quite put your finger on (or your tongue!)

Which one is YOUR favourite type of donut?