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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: July 22nd 2022

Practice Makes Perfect

Time to thrive on the football pitch! Play 10 levels of this football puzzle-strategy game where you have to navigate your player through the obstacles to score a goal. With the help of Marcus and Rubi, you have to guide Mahira of the Match, star of the junior football team ‘Beanotown Untied’.

Drag and drop tiles from the bottom of your screen onto the grid to get Mahira in position to shoot a goal. When your commands are in place, test out your route by pressing the ‘GO’ button. But if you make any mistakes, or knock over any cones, you can send Mahira back to the start with the ‘restart’ button, or clear off the board with the ‘reset’ button. There’s even a ‘help’ button in case you get stuck and need to consult one of the pros!