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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: October 14th 2022

It's a plane old challenge!

Paper planes – we’ve all had a go at making them, but how far have you ever seen one ACTUALLY fly?

Well, whatever your record may be in real life, now is your chance to BEAT your score in the digital world! Have a shot at our Paper Plane Game!

The rules are simple – tap and hold to go up, release to go down. Fly through the hoops to increase your score, collecting coins wherever possible. Avoid crashing into the black support poles, or the edges of the hoops – oh, and make sure you don’t bump into any crows, please. You’ll gain speed the longer that you fly, so get clicking!

Once you’ve collected enough coins, you can spend your hard-earned dosh on new levels! Check out the new backgrounds, can you figure out where your paper plane is going to take you to next? (Hint; this game is out of this world!)

How does your paper plane-ing stack up against our experts?

0 – 5 – Paper cut! You got sliced at the first hurdle; try again, it’s not THAT hard!

6 – 15 – RIP into pieces. That’s not a bad effort, but your score would definitely be torn to pieces by the experts.

16 – 25 – A 4 Effort – A pretty high standard of score. Nicely done!

26 – 35 – Header shoulders above the rest – that’s a score worth printing!

36+ – Score supREAM! – You’re a natural! Your high score is as thick as a ream of paper; but can you do better?