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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: October 14th 2022

Elf Help

Help yours-ELF to presents in this quick little arcade game! Catch the gifts that fall from the skies by clicking, to ensure that Santa’s helpers are in the correct positions.

Presents can fall from the central part of the screen, OR from both sides! Click or tap to swap out your main elf for your two side elves. Presents will appear slowly at first, but they’ll move faster and faster over time. 

What’s your highest score? Our best team members at the Gnational Elf Service scored 79!

10+ – Elf improvement – you need it! Oh dear, that’s not a very high score for Santa’s crack team of pint-sized present-packers.

25+ – Not Elf Bad – Not the best job, but it’s nice to have you ‘elfing us out!

45+ – Elfective – You’re pretty a handy lil Elf, eh? You’ve got the gift of…well, the gifts!

75+ Elftacular – You must be Santa Claus himself, be-clause you got an AMAZING score! 

Your reactions better be quick, or else you might get kicked out the NORTH POLE forever! (Only joking, all elves are always welcome at Santa’s workshop – they’d be terrible at having real jobs – we’ve all seen that Will Ferrell movie about the…what was it… Hogmanay gnome? The Holiday Pixie? The Christmas Sprite? Imp? Spriggan? Leprechaun? No, that’s not right at all…)!