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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: December 1st 2021

It's club-bering time!

Are you ready to take a shot at Beanotown’s minigolf course? Get ready to learn some lingo and hit the green! Can you score par or under? Or will you be stuck picking bogeys? (Don’t worry, we’ll explain!)

To get your golf club ready, click on the ball and drag in the opposite direction from your target. Let go and let it swing – the bigger the yellow arrow, the more power you’ll hit the ball with – simples!

Most golf holes take 3 strokes to hit – this is called PAR! If you get BELOW PAR, that’s a good thing – a lower number of strokes means that YOU are a better golfer. The opposite is true too – if you get ABOVE PAR, that’s not good – a higher number of strokes means that YOU need more practice.

Don’t be afraid to redo golf holes to try and get a 3 star rating – you need to get at least a 1 star rating to progress to the next level, but mastering the earlier levels will help you perfect the later ones.

Here’s some golf-lingo that you might want to learn, to impress any friends who have been playing Mario Golf: Super Rush, or just any old grandad who spends his summer out on the green swinging big metal sticks for “fun”.

Ace – A Hole in one – the mark of a truly skilled (or really lucky!) golfer
Albatross – A score of 3 under par
Eagle – A score of 2 under par
Birdie – A score of 1 under par
Par – The average number of strokes it take to score in a hole
Bogey – A score of 1 above par
Double Bogey – A score of 2 above par
Big Green Bogeys – Not actually a golf term (We think?)

And don’t even get us started on all the names for the different clubs. In miniature golf, you only have to focus on the putter.

Go play the game, and may the course be with you!