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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: October 14th 2022

Play Sky Battle Ships

Get ready for some action, because this game is popping and it’s about to blow up!

Face off against a computer opponent in this battle for the skies. YOU have to try and pop the enemy formation of balloons before THEY pop all of yours! You’ll have to arrange your balloons carefully, AND aim your own darts strategically to try and eliminate your enemy from the skies.

You just need to pop enough balloons to take these ships out from the big blue skies and back down to Beanotown – are you up to the challenge? 

5 balloons – Dennis’s Sky Shed may be the biggest and easiest ship to find, but it also has the most balloons to battle with!

4 balloons – Minnie’s Sky-cycle is a little trickier to track down, but still one of the largest ships out amongst the clouds.

3 balloons – it’s a showdown between Gnasher’s bright balloons and Wilfrid’s cool blue balloons, as there’s TWO targets in the sky at this size.

2 balloons – this little ship is the trickiest to find, just like Dennis’ pet hamster Galahad, who joins the fight!

Can you break through the cloud cover and see if there’s an enemy on the other side? Watch out for the three different colours of spaces:

Blue – You’ve not thrown a dart at this square yet

Purple – It’s a miss, there’s nothing here

Green – It’s a hit, try aiming around this area to take down the rest of the ship

DON’T forget about the powerups – if you get a lucky RED DART on your screen, you’ll destroy a whole ship in 1 hit! This can be a real game changer.

Want some strategy suggestions? 

– Try scattering your ships instead of bunching them up together, using the ‘rotate’ button at the top of each balloon

– Hit the SHUFFLE button to get some suggestions if you’re stuck for a good layout

– Target squares in a pattern; like starting from one corner and work your way across. Don’t just shoot randomly!

– You only need to hit adjoining spaces if you’ve made a HIT! – space out your shots to cover more ground if you’re making lots of MISSES!.

You can check out a paper printed version of the game in Beano issue number 4050 – now in stores!