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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: December 15th 2021

Discover a Winter Wonderland!

Meet Snowball, a little warm white kitty in a big cold world. Can you help Snowball to explore the falling sleet and find keys, doors, and treats, to help her navigate to the next zone?

The best way to navigate in a storm is to keep moving in a direct line! And if you hit a dead end in the snow, you can just retrace your footprints. That’s the advice that Snowball takes anyway, which is the reason that she only travels straight left and right.

There are twenty levels in this fun and festive automatic runner – all you do is have to jump! Time your jumps by tapping or clicking, and getting this cute little kitty cat to stay on course. Dodge obstacles, moving platforms, and the occasional spiky pit. If you see red-and-green present blocks, you can use these to your advantage to take a break, meaning you don’t have to move until you think you’re ready. Watch out for platforms that can disappear though. Sometimes you need to take a big leap of faith or to backtrack in order to find a hidden key or a hard-to-see doorway.

But if you fall down or get lost in the storm, don’t worry! You can start over again as many times as you like. First, see if you can reach all of the gates in the game, and consider yourself a winter wonder wanderer! After you do that, check if you were able to get the collectibles on all on the levels – that one’s harder, isn’t it?

Stay warm, and have very merry adventures this snowy season!