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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: October 14th 2022

Learn the tracks of the trade!

With a summer of sport just around the corner, why not try this retro pixel running game!

Time your taps to turn the corner in record time! Tap at the exact point of the track’s corner in order to safely make it to the next part of the circuit. But be careful, you’ll speed up every lap that you complete. Watch you don’t bump your head or fall off your feet – this one’s a tricky one.

We’ve pixelated representatives from the 8 countries with the most medal-winning million-meter-monsters of all time! Will you choose the United Kingdom, the home of terrific Mo Farah and talented Holly Bradshaw? Or will you follow in the footsteps of Usain Bolt’s Jamaican legacy? Will you represent the African continent, with great athletes like Kenya’s world champion David Rudisha, or Ethiopia’s Almaz Ayana, formidable marathon medal-winner? Will you join the ranks of the highly trained French, Canadian, American, or Chinese track and field teams?

Speaking of records, how many laps can you make it before slipping up and out of the race?

0 – Tap out! Yikes, if you can’t even finish a lap, you might want to call it quicks.

1 – Tap Tap Splat – You made it a few steps, but it wasn’t a very good run.

2 – Double-tap. Better than most, but not as good as some. Time to redouble your efforts!

3 – Tapping in – you’re getting the hang of it, but can you turn it up to 11 and tap into some true talent?

4 – Tap this! Can your friends run with your score? Or will they just watch you go with the flow (and WIN!)

5 – Tap dance! Celebrate your victory with some fast and fancy footwork

6 – Tap natch! (Or, top notch!?) You beat even our best Beano Score – Billy Whizz himself couldn’t do better