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Beano Comic
Beano Games Team
Last Updated: January 14th 2022

Play Pogo To The Future

BEANOTOWN in the year 4000!

Help the Bash Street Kids escape the evil emperor bots in the year 4000 by playing the game! It’s no coincidence that these bots look like the biggest villain in Beanotown – mayor Wilbur!

Once you survive Beanotown, head up to Mount Beano, and strike out on an epic jumping journey to Cactusville, to find a mysterious stranger. Locate the funniest outlaw kid in Cactusville, Dangerous Daisy, the one and only hope to get home.

Grab all the collectible cans of laughter in the game – how many can you collect? Dodge the electronic traps, sandpits, and other futuristic obstacles on the journey, and see if YOU can make it back from the future!