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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: March 8th 2021

Random Animal Mash-Up Maker!

How would YOU like to have a completely random animal to appear at the click of a button? Well, YOU are in the right place!

This random generator will smush together the front half of one animal with the rear of another, presenting you with a somewhat believable and yet ridiculously random critter. We’ve got all kinds of heads or tails on offer, from Armadillo to Zebra, from Beaver to Yak and back.

Random Animal Mash-Up has two modes to choose from. Do you want a completely random animal? OR would you like to find YOUR personal random animal?

Enter your initials into the machine, clicking through the alphabet on-screen. Click ‘mash-up’ to lock in your letters, and then press ‘play’ to let the machine do its work. 

When it comes to silly animals in Beanotown, here are what some of your favourite Bash Street School kids were when we tried their names out on the generator:

Dennis Menace – Dolphonkey – half dolphin, half monkey – this sleek swimmer isn’t a fish – it’s a mammal and it uses its tail for extra balance during tree-climbing adventures!

Minnie Minx – Monkerkat – half monkey, half meerkat – Fluffy, omnivorous, and more fun when there’s a barrel full of ’em; it is an excellent lookout (especially for comparing otherkats!)

Roger Dodger – Reinadonk – half reindeer, half donkey – These large animals shed their sizeable antlers every year and it can be found on every farm around the world!

What’s your random animal name? Try it on your mum, dad, brother, sister, and even your own pets, to find out what cool crazy creature they would be in the wildlands of!