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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: December 17th 2021

The Christmas Elf Generator Name Generator: A Christmas Game!

It’s time to find out your Christmas elf name with Beano’s random elf name generator! With Christmas just around the corner, the Gnational Elf Service is here to cater to all your Christmas wishes! Now you can figure out what you’d be called as one of Santa’s little helpers!

Welcome to the Christmas random Elf Name Generator – where YOU can find out what your mischievous little elf-self would be called if YOU were working at the North Pole! Our clever little game shows you what you’ll LOOK like, too! With silly expressions, eyes, outfits, and exclamations, try out different combinations of initials to see all of our randomly generated Elves.

First, choose the first letter of your first name, and select in in the first box! So Dennis Menace would choose the letter D.

Next, choose the first of your LAST name, and select in in the second box. Dennis Menace would choose the letter M.

Then, choose the month you were born in. Dennis would choose March!

So, if DENNIS were an elf, he would be called Dasher Mistletoe! (But you’ll have to try it for yourself to see what his elf would look like.)

Try it out on your friends, your family, and even your pets! Everybody can have a hilarious Xmas elf name just waiting to pop out and make you giggle.

Want to know how it works? Well, we have heard from a reliable high-level source inside the Gnational Elf Service that this piece of software will simulate a realistic elf character just like they have at the North Pole. Elves usually have a very specific job that they become an absolute expert at doing – whether its decorating Christmas trees, crafting wooden toys, or brewing batches of the perfect hot chocolate. Elves have all sorts of behaviours and Christmas secrets – some only ever dream of mashed potatoes, some secretly LIKE Brussel Sprouts.

Check out all these festively funny Elf names available – but make sure you play the game to get a good look at the little holiday gremlins themselves. 

Antler Allspice

Buddy BlizzardBoots

Cocoa Christmas

Dasher O’Decorator

Elvis Evergreen

Frosty Flufferson

Gubbins Gumdrop

Huggy HotChoc

Itsy Bitsy Iglooteus

Jolly JingleBell

Cookie Kringle

Lil’ Lovey-dovey

Muggins Mistletoe

Noel Northworthy

Ookie Overnight

Plum-plum Peppermint

Quacker Quickstep

Rudy Ribbon-Roll

Sprinkle Sparklepants

Tiny Treetopper

Ursa McUseful

Violet Van Winkle

Wally Weatherwool

Pax Xmas

Yodel Yuletide

Dizzy Zippy-de-doo