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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: July 21st 2022

A Random adventurer awaits!

Check out the Random Fantasy Character generator, which lets you roll the dice and toy with a new character for your next heroic adventure! Need a gung-ho hero? or a Villain with precision?

If you need a random adventurer before you start causing magical mayhem, you’re in the right place. Click to start the game and see what awaits you. There are 5 different dice to roll – your first click will give you a totally random roll, for a character’s race, class, magical item, and even a name! If there are any elements you don’t like, click on the corresponding dice to change them, and alter your image or your story.

There are HUNDREDS of combinations that you can stumble across – different species from animals to humans and fantastic creatures in between. You could get a character who’s a cat, a dog, a mysterious purple elf, a heavyset green orc, or a sly scaly dragonborn. Oh, and a human of course.

When it comes to professions, you might find your calling as a powerful wizard or a ponderous monk, perhaps a fearsome shiny knight or a cunning ranger. If all else fails, pick up your fanciest outfit and sing for your supper as a bard – or, pull on the cape of a rogue and try and steal it instead!

No fantastic questing character would be without a magical item, imbued with mystical powers! Will you get given a classic fantasy favourite? Red potions, long strings bows, or tomes filled with spells? Or maybe something a bit more unexpected – like, a pet snake or a set of pan pipes?

Finally, what will your character be called, and what great achievement will they have a reputation for? Some heroes have slayed dragons and saved burning villages, others have tiptoed on the dark side and caused chaos across the land. Some just have a burning desire to collect wheels of cheese, and curse themselves for the ill effects it brings on their windy botty – hey, lactose intolerant heroes exist too, okay?