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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: April 29th 2021

Random Pirate Name Generator

Shiver me TIMBERS – ahoy ye landlubber! Let’s take to the high seas with Beano’s Random Pirate Name Generator!

Fancy a dip into the crystal clear (but shark-invested waters) of a life of adventure? Look no further! Select the first letter of your first name. Then choose the month in which you were born. Click the play button and see what kind of adventurous tale your scurvy dog persona might tell you. Read your blurb, have a giggle, and try it on a pirate-y looking pal to see what result they get.

Have you tried it on a friend? A family member? Or even your TEACHER? Who has the better pirate name between all of you? (And which pirate has the best secret backstory?)

Here Are Some of Our Favourite Pirate Names

Scallywag Sparrow – the pirate who summons birds wherever you go.

Beardy Blackbeard – the captain with a big beard, dyed black from the darkest squid ink.

Buccaneer O’Fish – the shipmate who was trying to get a bucket of fish, but fell overboard.

Skipper Squid-Lips – a jack-of-all-trades who mistook a tiny squid for the gigantic Kraken.

Scurvy Shivers – You really need to eat more lemons and de-ice your feet. Soon.

Grisly Gallows – You’re actually a bear disguised as pirate, who took up a life of sailing after escaping from the fair!

What’s the Best Random Pirate Name?

If you don’t get a giggle out of this then you’ll have to walk the plank and get turned into pieces of eight – (eight pieces of shark bait that is!). We’re almost certain that you won’t be at risk of getting eaten by a shark while you’re on this page, but we can’t say the same for real-life pirates. Please be aware of all the health risks associated with swashbuckling 18th century sailors before purchasing a brig, hiring a scallywag crew, and charting a course for waters unknown.