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Here Are Some of Our Favourite Pirate Names

Scallywag Sparrow – the pirate who summons birds wherever you go.

Beardy Blackbeard – the captain with a big beard, dyed black from the darkest squid ink.

Buccaneer O’Fish – the shipmate who was trying to get a bucket of fish, but fell overboard.

Skipper Squid-Lips – a jack-of-all-trades who mistook a tiny squid for the gigantic Kraken.

Scurvy Shivers – You really need to eat more lemons and de-ice your feet. Soon.

Grisly Gallows – You’re actually a bear disguised as pirate, who took up a life of sailing after escaping from the fair!

What’s the Best Random Pirate Name?

If you don’t get a giggle out of this then you’ll have to walk the plank and get turned into pieces of eight – (eight pieces of shark bait that is!). We’re almost certain that you won’t be at risk of getting eaten by a shark while you’re on this page, but we can’t say the same for real-life pirates. Please be aware of all the health risks associated with swashbuckling 18th century sailors before purchasing a brig, hiring a scallywag crew, and charting a course for waters unknown.