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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: April 17th 2021

Roger's Dodgems

Roger the Dodger takes on the fairground in his quest for ice cream! Can you guide him through the dodgems arena, at super-fast speeds, to get him to his goal? Let’s get ready to rocket and roll!

There are twenty levels to complete in this bumper-edition puzzle game! That means twenty tasty ice cream treats for Roger to scoff down (before he skates back home for tea!).

So lets get your skates on! To get moving, click or tap on Roger, then choose a direction for him to move in. Roger hasn’t quite figured out how to make his skates stop, so point him in the direction of a dodgem that he can safely bump off to stop his movement. Navigate your way around mazes of disused dodgems to get to the goal – but be careful of the rusty red dodgems, they’re even older than Dennis’s gran! They’ll crumble away when you touch them; sometimes you’ll have to avoid them, sometimes you’ll have to destroy them to forge a new path.

Have you made it to the harder levels yet? If you’re skilled enough, you might make it deeper into the Beanotown funfair, where they test and store challenges for the other fairground rides. Dip, duck, dive, and dodge your way past spinning obstacles – don’t touch them, or they’ll send you flying back to the beginning!

Don’t forget the power of the jet – there’s no stopping Roger’s skates! If you shoot off-screen, don’t worry, you can recall roger using the circular arrows in the upper right corner.

How many levels were you able to pass?

5 levels – Boo! You get to ride a bodge-job dodgem

10 levels – Meh, you can probably handle riding the kiddie coaster.

15 levels – Good – YOU get to operate the rides!

20 levels – Keys to the park, with all-you-can-eat snacks!