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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: August 19th 2022

Roll, babybelle, roll!

Check out this cheesy puzzle game – are you goud-a enough to beat over twenty levels of physics-based challenges? Once you get started, you might find that you’re on a ROLL!

To get started, try clicking on the objects that look a little busted, and see if they break. Wooden planks or blocks can fall away, leaving the cheese wheel that’s been left on the top shelves to come tumbling down into the little mouth of a hungry mouse. Some wood pieces are designed to fall and move in a specific way, or fall into a particular spot to let your cheese roll to the goal hole.

This little mouse lives in an old Beanotown mansion – see if you can figure out who might have lived there before her! On top of cheese, she also loves sweet strawberries. See if you can roll up all the strawberries in a level for a tasty dessert – but make sure you grab the cheese, as that’s her dinner (and even a mouse must eat their dinner before their dessert!)

If you get stuck, try clicking everything on the screen to see what can break, as you never know what part of a level you might have missed. Levels only reset once you’ve tried everything, so don’t be afraid to make a mess.

Will your score be as grate as our cheese experts? Or will you brie stuck at the starting block (of cheese?)

Under 100 – Maybe this game is nacho kinda cheese game.
Over 1100 – Cheesey does it, take your time and you can get a better score.
Over 2200 – You’re pretty grate at this game, and the mouse thanks you.
Over 4500 – That’s a gouda score! We’ll have a one fat mouse soon enough.
Over 9000 – An un-brie-lievable score! That lil mouse will never For-feta-bout this!