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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: December 2nd 2019

Cluck! It's Beano's Rubber Chicken Keyboard

Cluck. Cluck. There’s nothing more melodic than the sound of a rubber chicken. Cluck!

But if you’re human, instead of a rubber chicken, then there have probably been plenty of times you’ve thought to yourself “You know what? A rubber chicken noise would really improve this situation!”. Perhaps when your boring teacher is talking about algebra, or maybe when your mum is telling you off, or even on the X-Factor instead of the sound of Simon Cowell. (He sounds more like an angry goose anyway).

Anyway, for all of you who HAVE wanted to squawk more than talk, then us chickens have invented Beano’s first ever Rubber Chicken keyboard, especially for Chickmas! You can play it freestyle or if you want you can you can follow the tutorial and learn one of four egg-ceptional Chickmas songs! 

So bring a little music to the festive season with Beano’s Rubber Chicken Keyboard and remember – don’t talk it, squawk it!

Christmas Songs

I saw three chicks

Let it Crow, Let it Crow, Let it Crow

Jingle Bell Yolk

Frosty the Snowhen

Instructions: To play songs, just click the button and follow the egg-splat! Try using your keyboard keys too!

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