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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: December 1st 2021

Rubber Chicken Present Puzzle!

There’s loads to love about Chickmas. Presents, great shows on Netflix, presents, Chickmas trees… did we mention presents?

Yes, it’s fair to say us Chickens are pretty much top of the pecking order when it comes to giving out the gifts as you’ll soon see when you start playing the Rubber Chicken Present Puzzle!

Basically, if you’ve ever wondered what the Rubber Chicken Post Office looks like on Chickmas Eve, this is it – there’s literally presents everywhere but this time, we’ve got you to help – well, we hope we have.

All we need you to do is slide the wrapped up Chickmas parcel to one of the same kind and you can send them on the way, while powering up to even bigger prezzies! And if you end up running out of space? Well, Granny Chicken won’t be getting her chicken slippers for Chickmas this year!