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Last Updated: October 14th 2022

Rugby Kicks – the best free rugby game! has a brand-new and completely free rugby game for you to TRY!

TACKLE our new rugby game by making like a Six Nations rugby professional, scoring big points by slotting home free kicks!

English, Irish, Welsh or Scottish? Maybe you’re French or even Italian? Wherever you come from, you’ll want to do your rugby team proud by powering-up your rugby skills and racking up the points!


Aim carefully between the posts. It seens really obvious, but if you don’t kick the bal in the right direction, you may as well not bother at all!

Kicks from in front of the posts mean you have a big target, so you shouldn’t have any problems with these.

Kicks which are taken from nearer the side of the pitch are harder because your target is much smaller – so it’s extra important to make sure your aim is spot-on!


Kick the too hard and you lose accuracy, so don’t just boot it as hard as you can or you’ll be scoring zero!

Don’t give it enough power and your kick will fall short – meaning you’re a zero, not a hero!


You’ve seen professional rugby players taking kicks – they take time to get their breathing right before they take their kick. That’s so they don’t snatch or slice the ball wide. Watch them and learn. Keep clam and get your aim and power just perfect!

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