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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: October 14th 2022

Santa's Elf and Safety

Elf and Safety always come first at the North Pole! That’s why Santa checks his list twice, wears multiple seatbelts during his deliveries, and encourages his elves to lift from the legs (and not the back!) Of course, when a bunch of pesky snowmen have nicked your presents, some of those regulations go out the window. 

Take control of Santa Claus himself as you rev up your snowmobile sleigh and catch up to the missing presents. Tap to switch lanes between the left and right ice trails. Make sure you dodge the incoming snowmen, but don’t bump into the slow-lane snowmen either. If Santa’s sleigh gets bumped 5 times, it’s game over (as he’ll have to go get his sleigh inspected to ensure further damage does not occur).

What’s your highest high score?

40 – Claus for concern – oh dear, santa, you either played it a little too safe, or not at all. Get that sleigh fixed up and hop back on the ice!

80 – A gift horse – you know what they say, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. (Because Santa doesn’t have horses, he has reindeer. And all they eat is candy, so…y’know, their teeth are terrible!)

125 – DUCK! the halls – You were zooming by! (But still perfectly within regulated speed limits). Those snowmen better duck the next time you swing by to pick up presents.

200 – Ghost of Christmas FAST – That score is SCARILY good! Looks like you managed to sense their presents and give a spirited effort at recovering those missing gifts.