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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: April 24th 2024

Say Cheese!

It’s time for Class 2B of Bash Street School to get their pictures taken for school photo day. Can you time your shots to snap them when they’re not pulling a face? Or will their gurns have you in giggles?

First check each student ID to see if their card, name, and number are all correct. Then, make sure that they’re not wearing any silly hats or funny glasses or a prank nose or anything like that. If anything seems fishy, then reject them from the queue with the orange button. Or if everything matches up, use the green button to set up the camera.

Time your shot to line up the camera just right – you’ll get a higher score for them being more central, and even more points if you can grab a pic when they’re not pulling a funny face.

How many days can you last with this lot before their funny faces drive you bonkers?