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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: October 4th 2023

Sink or Swim!

It’s a feeding frenzy at Beanotown aquarium, where 3 hungry Anglerfish have broken out of their tank!

You and up to two friends can dive in and explore being a small fish in a big pond. Each player has 3 lives before they’re caught out, and sent back to their own deep sea tank. Until then, fill up on all the fish you can grab, but watch out for the larger predators that have also escaped too.

Player one (that’s you!) uses the arrow keys to move around the tank, up and down or left and right. Player two uses the same controls, but with the WASD keys on the keyboard. Player three uses the mouse to point and click where they want to go. Try playing the game on a computer with a full keyboard and mouse for a real wave-making experience.

It’s safe to eat fish that are smaller than you – tiny minnows and guppies and goldfish (well, they’re green and red and blue too!) – will all fit in your mouth easily. Slightly bigger fish will give you more points though, so sharpen your teeth and munch on a whole rainbow of trout, until you’ve haddock enough.

Watch out for bigger fish though – the longer you swim, the more fish will flow into the tank alongside you, and they’re just as hungry as you! Don’t cuddle the cuttlefish, the barrelfish are not a barrel of laughs, and octo-put your self somewhere away from all those tentacles. Not to mention the big bad sharks of the aquarium – I have a hunch that they’ll want YOU for lunch! Above all, don’t get caught by the aquarium divers, who are on the hunt for tidal troublemakers while they fix the floundering leaks.

Can you survive longer than your floating friends? Will you sink or swim? OR are you just destine to be shark bait?!