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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: April 16th 2022

The floor is lava!

When was the last time you saw a group of skeletons and goblins jumping over a lava-filled creek? Feels like absolutely ages. A few years ago, you couldn’t leave the house without seeing a goblin leaping over a bubbling river of heat, but here we are. They’re back and they need your help. It appears they’ve forgotten how to get from A to B with a detour to Lava Town (population: a few).

Here’s how to play the game. Tap the right of your screen to let the goblins jump or pass the obstacle. To allow the skeletons through or pass their obstacles, tap the left of the screen. Sounds pretty simple right? Left skeletons, right goblins. Gotcha.

Just wait until the fates of this goblin gang and skeleton crew lie in your hands, then you’ll feel the pressure of deciding whether to tap left or right. This game is actually harder than it sounds!

But never fear. You can do this! These skeletons and goblins believe in you, and while they may not appear to be, they’re extra grateful for your help.