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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: October 14th 2022

Premiere League Pachinko

There’s a new playing field in town, with Football Pinball! It’s a mashup of premiere league pachinko this week on!

The score is three to nil, your team is down but now you’ve got possession. Start off with your top-line goalie booting a gravity-grabbing goal kick down towards your tiny pixel team members. Watch where you aim – time your strike and tap to bounce the ball past the enemy keeper and into the GOAAAALL!!!

There’s no way to dodge it – the ball will bounce off the pinball bumpers, showing off flashes of lights and sounds. If you’ve aimed well, the football will ricochet into one of your teammates. If you’ve aimed poorly, the ball might bounce too far and miss the goal entirely, falling off the bottom of the screen. If you’ve gotten unlucky (but not too unlucky) you’ll maybe find you’ve got the ball back, after a rebound or two from the field’s bouncy boundaries or diagonal pinball panels.

You’ll need to score more than 3 goals to win this one. With 6 attempts, you have a 50/50 shot at this. Can you handle the premiere pressure and become a pinball wizard to lead your team to victory?

How many goals can YOU get?

0 – Nintend-own-goal! Maybe games and football aren’t you forté and you should go learn…crochet?

1 – One down and two to go. Not bad for a first try maybe. But you definitely need some practice.

2 – So-so Sony, not good not bad, maybe stick 2 sum Fifa m8

3 – A game of two halves, you’re SO close to winning, but that’s still a draw.

4 – Ex-pert-box! You kick that ball 360 degrees around the pitch and won by ONE!

5 – Man-on Mobile, you’ve got some magic fingers to hit your mark like that.

6 – Pinball Wizard! You’re ace at both football AND video games? Perfect score!