Share a Million Stories with Beano's Story-O-Meter

Where will your imagination lead you? Unearth your inner author with the magic of the storytelling using Beano's Story-O-Meter.

To use the Story-O-Meter, first decide if you want to play with 3, 5 or 8 icons. Once you've chosen, just press the big red button and the Story-O-Meter will chose what ingredients your story will have. There's loads of things, from people to places, objects to actions, so there's everything you need to kick start your inspiration. The only thing it can't give you is a pen! (Well, obviously, that's not the ONLY thing it can't do - it can't get you toast in the morning or take the dog out when it's raining, but it is definitely awesome at helping you to tell stories, and that's all we want!). And remember, if you get stuck at any point, just press the button with a question mark and it will tell you where everything is.

So what should you do with your story? Well, our friends at World Book Day are trying to Share a Million Stories this year and we know Beano fans will be ready to help them. All you have to do is share a 10-minute story with someone - it could be a friend at school, a grown-up, your brother or sister or just a cat you met when you went out to the shops - whoever you share it with, it doesn't matter, it's just fun to read and write! 

So if you want to help Beano and World Book Day to Share a Million Stories, just click the Share button on the Story-O-Meter and let us know when you've shared your own story!

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