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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: September 26th 2022

Play Sweet Memory Match

Stretch those memory muscles and start chomping that sweet tooth – it’s time to get ready for Sweet Memory Match, here on!

You’ll get a limited time to look at a whole menu of the desserts on offer here at the Beanotown Bakery before their pictures get FLIPPED OVER. Tap each image to flip them over individually. Choose one after another, to make your selection two at a time (don’t be greedy)! If those two pictures match – SCORE – you’ve won yourself a cake. 

Keep going until you’ve found the next match, tapping cakes and matching desserts. Can you brain keep up with your stomach? Find another one, and another one, and before you know it you’ll have cleared your plate. At least until the next level, that is.

Choose between 3 exciting sugar-filled worlds. Do you want to match chocolates instead of cakes? Or Ice cream instead? Try and memorise our list of desserts and see if that helps you to be the best at matching a whole truckload of delicious desserts!

Cakes – Strawberry lemon cupcake, Chocolate sprinkle cupcake, Strawberry milkshake muffin, Blue frosting cupcake, Oreo cheesecake, Black forest gateau, Dark Chocolate Orange cake bites, Boston cream pie, Classic fruit cake, Cookies n Cream slice

Chocolates – Triple chocolate fudge cookie, Caramel chocolate, Dark chocolate mint, Milk chocolate slab, Vanilla cream cookie sandwich, Blue raspberry donut, Vanilla cinammon donut, Chocolate iced donut, Pink sweet candy cane, Every flavour jelly bean, Orange and lime lollies, 

Ice Cream – Fudgsicle, Rocket, Triple scoop Neapolitan cone, Strawberry chocolate soft serve, Watermelon ice, Raspberry vanilla twist, Vanilla cone with red sauce, Strawberry milkshake lolly with sprinkles

Test your knowledge of delicious desserts – how many can you name? AND how many have you tasted? NOW how many have you tested your memory with, and made a match?