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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: January 18th 2022

Sweet Path Puzzle

Check out this cute and silly puzzle game, free on! This little golden kitty loves donuts, but she needs your help to get them into her small fuzzy belly. These donuts are up high, and that kitty cat is down low – so how can YOU help?

Click to change the environment in this physics puzzle challenge. Angle the platforms to make ramps and slopes, and tap the donut to make it drop. Can you get the donut to roll down-hill, using the power of gravity and your own puzzle game expertise, to spin around and fall into the kitty cat’s mouth?

Level 1 should start out pretty easy, but things can get tricky from there. Level 2 is all about timing when you drop the donut – don’t let the swinging platform ruin this cat’s cake! For levels 3 and 4, don’t forget that you can click multiple times to drop platforms AND THEN fix them in place – try it out! Level 5 should be harder – don’t be afraid to restart the level over if you’ve messed up – we all make mistakes (especially when it comes to baking desserts).

Made it further than level 5? Wow! Can you make it to level 10? Or level 15? Or even as far as level 20? 25 levels in one game – that’s more slices of cake than a birthday party – and you definitely deserve to celebrate if you get that far! 

If I were you, I would try to not get too distracted by the fact that the world is probably made of strawberry sponge cake with chocolate sauce, or that there are too many spinning rainbow decorations fort this to be real – there’s hungry cats here that are way more important!

Are you ready for a sweet surprise? Okay! Then let’s get rolling!