The Splendidly Magical Wizard Name Generator

Have you ever wanted to know what your name would be if YOU could learn the ways of magic? Of course you have! Well, step right into the whimsical world of our wizard name generator - it's so good, it'll cast a spell on you!

New to bewitching, conjuring up magical charms and casting complex spells? No problem! Beano can start you off. First you will need a wand, a pet and magical career. Hone in your wand swishing technique and perfect your spell casting in order to get the most accurate results! Share with your friends and find the most wizard worthy names.

Go with the flow and use your wand to follow the dots and cast your magic spell. Make sure to cast with enthusiasm!

When you’re finished, sit tight until you get given your wizard name, a whimsical job, a type of wand and a magical creature for you to care for (or perhaps they will take care of you).

Will you use your new found skill for good or will you succumb to the dark side of the wizarding world? Or perhaps, just like us, you’ll only cast spells for fun!

Are you looking for some of the funniest wizard names? Look no more! You don’t need a magic ball, tea leaves or a third eye… Beano has got you covered. Check out some of the funniest wizard names below!

Flundungus Greenfiddle

Jaspement Malkiworth

Mollyfoot Makerwish

Billidicio Blangham

Lilliani Sparronge

Ronalope Chudderton

Matilda Baldistone

Fluper Parkitwood

What's your silliest wizard name? Can you find funnier?

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