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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: January 19th 2022

It's time for a tiny race!

Take this desktop miniature for a spin. You have 60 seconds to collect as many stars as you possibly can from around the tiny desktop arena.

Doing donuts around pens and paper is easy enough, right? Well, what if there were other miniature cars chasing you around, trying to steal your stars for themselves? Trust us, it’s harder than it looks.

Use W and D on your keyboard to turn left and right, or tap on the left and right parts of the screen. The arrows appear right at the start of the game, and put YOU right in the driver’s seat.

Keep an eye out for two helpful powerups – dynamite and freeze. Dynamite will destroy all of your opponents, buying you some time to drive aroudn without getting interrupted – but be careful where the drivers might appear next! The freezing snowflake will stop your opponents in their tracks for a few seconds, letting. They can appear randomly anywhere on the map, and even though you can only collect one at a time, there will be another hiding somewhere. Each powerup will activate as soon as you drive over it – or if you have one already active, you’ll bump it out of the way.

Dodge the cars that are chasing you – any knocks or bumps will send your stars flying, and you’ll only have a limited time to try and collect them again. But be careful you don’t lose more in the process – avoid obstacles that slow you down, and enemies that steal your swag!

What’s your high score?

0 – F1? More like F0 – you can do better than that!

4 – Not a bad start, but try not to get caught by your foes

8 – Tiny Race? Tiny bit better than average!

12 – Star racer, you are getting close to an all-time high score!

16+ – DeskTop Dog, you’d be ready to get behind the wheel IRL