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Last Updated: October 14th 2022

Top Cards

Top Cards is the new BLAM-tastic card game that is sweeping Beanotown, and has taken Bash Street School by storm! Use your cards to battle, and defeat your opponent in this fast-paced numbers game.

Top Cards is an online game featuring characters from smash-hit CBBC show Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed!

How do you play the Top Cards online game?

There are 40 cards in the deck of our favourite Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed! characters (and some not-so-favourite characters!) which get split between two players. Your deck of 20 cards sits face down, until *BLAM!* you reveal your top card! 

– YOU then have 5 seconds to quickly pick which category on your card has a higher number than your opponent. 

– Pick a higher number, and you get 1 point! 

– Pick a lower number, or run out of time, then your opponent gains 1 point!

– Pick a matching number makes a tie, which will get 0 points

It’s BEST OF 3 to win – so try not to lose twice in a row!

What are the categories?

Every character has a different set of statistics in our four blamtastic categories:

– Leadership     

– Strength     

– Brains     

– Mischief

But nobody is perfect, and everyone has a strength a weakness. Dennis is definitely a better leader than Walter, but Professor Von Screwtop is definitely brainier than Dennis. Of course, Gnasher is stronger than the Professor – and Gnashersaurus Rex is even stronger!

Where can I get more Beanotown?

Want more adventures from Beanotown? Make sure you check out DGU2, with all kinds of blamtastic content right here on – and don’t forget about BRAND-NEW episodes on CBBC and iPlayer!