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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: January 14th 2022


Can’t go door to door this year, but still want some sweet release? Check out our virtual Trick or Treat simulator!

Step right up to the magical mystery door. All manner of tricks and treats lie behind here, with dozens or surprises waiting to be handed out by this mansion’s mystical inhabitants.

Pick a door, any door. Well, there’s only one door, but you can pick any bell (and ring it as many times as you like!) – that’s right, engage in your lifelong dream of seeing how many times in a row you can ring a doorbell before your finger gets sore, with absolutely no repercussions from an angry neighbor, parent, or even police officer.

Can you collect all of the candies? There are caramels, cookies, lollipops and more, in all kinds of crazy colours. And what about those spooky treats you were promised? Well, don’t be afraid – BE VERY AFRAID! Those creepy hands will dish out possessed pumpkins, grumpy ghosts, a bedhead demon, and much much more. If you’re persistent, and keep ringing those doorbells, you won’t be far off from collecting everything. Check out the orange pumpkin bucket to see all the sweets you’ve collected, OR go to the purple pumpkin graveyard (If you DARE!) to see the tricks that you’ve been cursed with.

Take your eyes off your collection, though, and it’ll all get jumbled up. Click back on each pumpkin to see a new setup of tricks and treats alike. Plus, if you’re lucky enough to collected THEM ALL, then you just might get a Halloween award that pops up on your screen. Can you get the golden bell, the golden hands, and the golden trick or treat? Get clicking, this game is going to be a real scream!

 Ring-a-ding-ding, don’t knock it till you try it!