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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: March 13th 2022

Time to get Tricky!

Anyone one for tennis? Simply tap to jump and hit the ball. Tap and drag to move your players. Easy

Warning: The game of tennis that you’re about to play is not only quite tricky, it is also rather silly.

Your two players (on the LEFT side of the court) are ready for action! Their appearance is randomly generated at the start of each game – will you get grey uniforms, orange outfits, or something else? Hats, visors, crowns, or headbands?

The object of the game is to get the ball over to the other side of the court, without it touching the ground on your side of the court.

Tapping anywhere on the screen will make you players BOTH jump up – hold your tap to make them raise their racquets. Take your first serve, and jump up to hit the tennis ball. After the other team hits it back, try to time your jumps and angles to take a second swing, and bounce the ball back over to your opponent’s side.

The first team to 5 points wins – so with the best of 9 rounds ahead of you, let’s get tricky!