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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: June 30th 2022

Wacky Witch

It’s time for the ultimate night of trick-or-treating in Halloween town! Take control of one Wacky Witch to earn candy by delivering the Halloween monsters to their destinations – just don’t get scared by some of the spooky sights you may see along the way!

Starting off at Wacky Witch HQ in the north-west corner of town, first you must choose your witch and broom – do you want a colourful cloak and a modern mop, or a creepy dark cape and a battered brush?

You also have to pick a time limit – do you want to a longer shift and get more customers to their petrifying parties? Or do you want to try a more freakishly frantic pace and set a high score?

Once you set off, you’ll find that there’s some room on the broom. Steer your broom using the WASD keys on your keyboard, or by using the buttons on the screen. You can move forwards and backwards, and move left and right, using your bewitching powers.

There are five places to pick up monsters, but nearly twice as many locations to deliver them. When you see a monster in an orange circle, they want a lift! Fly over to them and come to a complete stop so that they can get on the broom – nobody wants to hop on a fidgety feather duster!

With a zombie, vampire, or werewolf in tow, start flying towards your destination. You’ll see an orange arrow pointing to where you need to end up, but it’s up to you to navigate there. Buildings are too tall for you to fly over with your extra passenger, but you can pass trees and pumpkins and fences and graves without any issues.

Your new customer might be heading to a party at the Prismatic Palace, or go picking at the pumpkin patch. They might be heading home from a long night haunting the creepy churches and haunted houses, or their evening down at Dracula’s Disco might just be getting started! The longer you play, the better you’ll be able to find locations for pick up and drop off.

BUT! Do your best not to bump into the cars that run around Halloween Town – the only thing scarier than missing out on your journey is being honked at by a clown car, and your customers will jump right off the broom.

How much candy can YOU collect in Wacky Witch? If you can beat our high scores, you’re pure magic!

Frantic – 60 seconds – 18 pieces of candy

Speedy – 120 seconds – 38 pieces of candy

Cruisin’ – 180 seconds – 64 pieces of candy

Happy Halloween!