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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: April 29th 2020

Which Cake?

Calling all cupcake experts – WE need your help! A whole batch of adorable cupcakes have been mixed up and scattered in the Beanotown bakery. Can YOU match up which cake is which?

We all know how delicious cupcakes are – but kawaii cupcakes are even tastier! But these little cakes aren’t too happy about being muddled up – some are secretly scared, adorably angry, or super excited to be reunited with their besties. 

One cupcake will appear in the middle of the screen, and YOU have to find its matching cake partner before time runs out – if you keep customers waiting too long for their order, they’ll never find out how delicious these desserts really do taste!

Tap one of the three cupcakes in the bottom of the screen to make a match – make sure you choose the correct one! Want to know our baking secrets? Check out the below list for all the varieties of cupcakes that we’ve been cooking up in the bakery today.

     What colour frosting does it have on top? Yellow swirl, pink disc, or a splat of blue frosting?

     What face is it pulling? Grumpy, scared, angry, happy, or excited about how tasty they are?

     What flavour is the cake? Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or something else mysterious?

     And how closely does the cupcake wrapper match? A purple polka-dot, a really rainbow wrapper, or a perfect pink heart?

Keep a close eye on these tasty treats, as these mixed up mini muffins can get pretty tricky pretty quick. Do you have a favourite little cupcake that you’d take home and save for dessert? Or would you scoff them all in one go? Om-nom-nom!

Oh dear, we’re definitely a bit peckish at all this talk of cakes. You’re in charge of the bakery while we go for a cake break and an episode of Bake Off!