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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: January 4th 2023

Word Waffle

Welcome to word waffle, a puzzle game where YOU have to connect letters to form words before time runs out. Can you take a bit out of our top word scores? Or are you just waffling on?

Click and hold to start your word selection. Draw a line that links each letter in order of the word. If you see the letters “B A and T”, you can spell BAT! Draw longer lines if you can find longer words – but remember they have to be at least 3 letters long. You can draw a line up, down, or even diagonally, but you can only select each letter once per word.

Are you after some tips and tricks to practice with?

– Short words are faster to find; it’s better to score lots of small words than fewer big words
– Many words can be repeated BACKWARDS; is you see the word “BAT”, you can also score again for “TAB”!
– Don’t flail around! Work your way through the grid methodically, starting in the top-left corner and heading down.
– Don’t worry about the rare letters, sometimes a Q or a Z or a J just won’t match up with anything – move on!
– If you’re not happy with the selection of letter, just press the X button to refresh the board

How does your Word Waffle score stack up?

0 – Yikes – you might have selected the wrong language at the start of the game?
200 – Tongue-tied! – Words escape me (and you too!), that’s not a very good score!
400 – Tip of the tongue – You’re a couple of reading exercises short of a workbook, if you know what I mean.
600 – Waffling on – Not a bad score, but you’re still tripping over your first course.
800 – Word Cloud – Leaving the other scores in the dust, you’ve got the hang of this game now!
1000 – Tongue Twister! – That’s even better. NOW we’re ready for a second course of waffles!
1200 – Sweet Victory – That’s a top-notch score, deserving of the tastiest waffles. Excellent job!
1400 – Word-diculous Score! We bet you could beat the people who write the dictionary at their own game!

Do you want an extra challenge? You could try playing the game in a different language at the start of the game – there’s food for thought.