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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: October 5th 2022

Would You Rather Game: Halloween Edition!

Are you in need of a good scare? Look no further than this special HALLOWEEN edition of a Would You Rather game? This one is bound to be a real SCREAM!

There are 15 freaky choices to choose from in this Halloween Would You Rather head-to-head. Two choices will appear on-screen at a time, and YOU have to click which one you’d rather do. The game will work its magic, eliminating those choices one by one until you’re faced with a terrifying choice between two horrible scenarios. You’ll have to decide which one YOU WOULD RATHER DO!

Would you rather get chased by zombies, OR would you rather go camping in a graveyard? You’ll have ten seconds to make your choice, so think fast! Keep your eyes peeled for all your freaky favourites. With questions about everything from aliens to vampires, and ghosts and ghouls along the way, it’s time to face your fears.

How do you compare? Answer all of these questions and see how your statistics line up with our other players. Is your biggest fear having breakfast with a clown? Or having to live in a spooky castle?This game will test your wits (and scare you out of them)!

Everybody has different fears; something that makes you cry with laughter might make someone else just plain cry. Could you stand a spider crawling on your face? Or maybe you’d find that it just tickles? Could you eat your way out of a giant pumpkin? Orange you afraid of getting full? Maybe you’d be terrified to live in a haunted house? OR maybe you suspect that you live in on already?

The spooky season has just begun, so grab your broom and your spare Mummy bandages, and make sure you check out all of the spook-tastic Halloween at Home content here on! 

Happy Halloween!