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10 Amazing Bike GIFs!

Some people think cycling is boring. Here's 10 reasons why they're wrong.

Beano Team
Last Updated:  May 14th 2017

How many bikes is this man riding?

He's probably um, tyred, of answering that question

This is a man riding several bikes at once

Even racoons are fans of cycling!

Go on, do a wheelie or something. No? Fair enough.

A racoon on a bike

This guy likes to row and cycle – at the same time!

The best part of this is that he'll never get his feet wet. Unless he rides through a puddle.

This man has combined rowing with cycling

This bike surely belongs to a hamster

We reckon it took this cyclist 2 hours to go to the local shop and back

This bike is tiny

We don't know what's happening here, to be honest

Is it made out of wood or dinosaur feet? It looks cool, whatever it is. 

This bike looks like a dinosaur

There's something wrong with those wheels, mate

That can't be comfortable

This bike has triangular wheels

You can cycle using bits of toast, apparently

Not really. Everyone knows you can't inflate a slice of toast.

This bike has toast for tyres

This is the world's longest bike!

We reckon it would take them an hour to turn a corner. At least.

The world's longest bicycle

This man has turned his bike into a massive saw!

Wood you believe it?

This bike is chopping wood

You can go cycling with all your friends, even if you have one bike!

Probably best to avoid going up any kerbs, thoughNext check out this LEGO Helmet Hair! Look like a Lego figure on your bike!

This is a GIF of about 20 people on one bike