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10 Animals Who Love Skateboarding!

Watch these tiny daredevils in action

Beano Team
Last Updated:  June 18th 2017

How cool is this dog?

Meet Murdy. He's a dog who shows no fear when it comes to stairs!

Dog on a skateboard

What's wrong, mouse? Why did you stop?

'I think I can hear my wheels squeaking...'

Mouse on a skateboard

This sausage dog knows how to get around

It's as though the skateboard was invented for this deck-loving pooch


Want to see a goat roll along like the coolest kid in town?

Here you go!

Goat on a skateboard

What is it about dogs, skateboards and stairs?

This Boston Terrier makes it look easy


Here's a cat who likes to do things a little differently

This cat clearly rules the neighbourhood. Look out, Tony Hawk.

Cat on a skateboard

This pooch knows how to ramp up the excitement!

Don't try this at home


Who said tortoises were slow?

This chap wears the ultimate skateboard protection all the times

Tortoise on a skateboard

Look at this daredevil!

What's even more amazing is that they built the ramp themselves

Dog on a skateboard

We've saved the best until last!

Leading experts said that a dog could never, ever do a kick flip on a skate ramp. This guy proved them wrong. Legend!Next check out Mario Kart on skateboards!

Dog on a skateboard