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Fortnite Building Tips: How to Build Better in Fortnite

If you want to see the Victory Royale banner, you better get good at building bases quickly! Find out how to build better in Fortnite with these Fortnite building tips!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  January 13th 2018
Fortnite building tips: Fortnite player looking at a mountain

Everyone who plays Fortnite wants to see that VICTORY ROYALE banner at the end of a match. But being the last one standing needs more than luck and a keen eye. 

If you want to be as good as pros like Ninja and LegendaryLea you need to get good at building your own mini base on the fly. Here are the 10 Best Fortnite: Battle Royale building tips!

1. ABG - Always Be Gathering

Watch any of the pros and you'll see them build up their stocks of materials over the course of the game. Everyone knows to smash through a roof when you land on a building at the start of the round, but remember to use that pickaxe on any furniture, inside walls, small trees and anything else you can reach - as long as you're sure the area is safe! 

2. Keep an eye on your supply!

It's easy to have big plans for your bases... but remember that you won't always have the materials to create your dream castle! Keep an eye on your stock of wood, brick and metal, and try to build your ramps and quick bases with whichever you have most of, in case you need to extend it suddenly and don't have time to switch. Pros like Ninja always do this!

3. Heal up!

It's never a good idea to heal out in the open. If you need some time to pop open a Slurp Juice, throw up a few walls around yourself. PRO TIP: If you build three walls and a ramp to hide behind instead of four walls, other players will often think someone built it in the middle of a battle, and won't spend time looking for you!

4. Building isn't just for bases - it's for movement too

Building ramps and platforms are great for offering movement options. Want to reach the top of that hill but can't see a way up? Build a long ramp! Want to drop from the top of a cliff without taking damage? Build some platforms as you fall down! They won't last forever, but they'll break your fall. And if you happen upon a launchpad, then you can really start to move!

5. Collecting? Build a base round it!

When a player drops their materials or you crack open an item drop, you're likely to be out in the open. Watch any of the pros and you'll see they throw up walls and ramps all around them as they collect and sort their inventory. You'll still draw attention to yourself, but at least you'll be in cover while you do!

6. Gain a height advantage!

When the storm starts really closing in at the end of a match, space is limited. BUT you can always create a height advantage over your enemies by building into the sky. A combo of ramps and vertical walls will let you peep out to try to spot other players - and the higher you go the more you'll be able to spot.

7. Learn your distances!

Winning in Fortnite is all about knowing how far away things are! How far away is that other player? How far away is the storm? And just as importantly - how far away is that building I want to be on? If you practice judging distances, you'll be able to build ramps up to areas without using unnecessary wood - and make you don't run straight into the side of a hill because you didn't get the height right!

8. Don't just build one of anything!

All the best Fortnite players build huge wide ramps even as they run up them, and massive platforms at the top. It takes some time to learn to do it properly, but if you do you'll be playing with the big boys and girls in the game. Doing it this way means you have more room to manoeuvre up there - but it also means you're less likely to have someone destroy the base of your tower and bring it all tumbling down!

9. The safest place is within 4 walls!

The pros can quickly build four walls round themselves, then hop onto a ramp they've built inside the base. It takes some practice to be able to do it well but you can build towers this way! It's not quite Minecraft, but building will keep you safe.Remember that the walls add cover from the second you hit the build button, so don't be afraid to throw them out if you need cover right away!

10. Don't get trapped!

You can build the best base in the world - but if the storm's about to hit, it won't keep you safe! Don't be afraid to abandon your base if you think you need to. You can always just build another one!