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10 Jake and BMO Moments from Adventure Time Islands

Adventure Time Islands was epic! We found out loads about Finn and Susan Strong, but Jake and BMO had some pretty great moments too. Here's 10 of the best.

1. Like when Jake showed off his skills as a nautical navigator

2. Then went full sea dog and turned himself into a boat!

3. Or when BMO couldn’t stand listening to Whipple’s boring stories

4. Remember when Jake ‘saved the day’?

Looks like he totally smashed it!

5. And spiderman-ed up a hammock

6. Meanwhile, BMO went to the MOON!

(Not really, it was just virtual reality)

7. He also became QUEEN OF THE TOYS!

8. Jake showed us all the right way to eat ice cream

9. And who could forget BMO’s awesome dance club!!

10. Oh…and this moment…