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FIFA 18 Hacks : 12 Tips You Need To Know

Here are 12 tricks and tips that will turn you into some kind of epic FIFA wizard!

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  October 28th 2017

1. Don't run everywhere

It may be fun, but you will tire out your players super fast doing that

Tired player

2. Don't just dribble

Passing the ball is actually a real good way to keep possession of the ball - do it lots!

Weird pass

3. Pick the biggest players

Build your team with the biggest and strongest players to power through games!

Massive FIFA glitch

4. When buying players - don't just go for the top dogs

It may be tempting to just go for a team of Ronaldos and Messis, but there are cheaper alternatives like Dimitri Payet who are almost as good. Younger players can also be trained up pretty quickly to a good standard!

Ronaldo ain't all that

5. Vary your team

Get a good mix of players with different attributes to have an all round strong team! YEAH! TEAM WORK!

Team mate helping out a glitchy player

6. 4-3-3 is the best formation

It will help you score a lot of goals

Lots of goalies

7. Use the left trigger to protect the ball

It gives full 360 protection

Oscar protects the ball in his body

8. When it comes to shooting - keep low and double tap!

But not all the time - you don't want to become to predictable now, do you?

he shoots - he...flies?

9. Control your speed doing penalties with the triggers

Sprint with the right trigger and slow with the left

Goalie is funny ha-ha

10. You can also stutter by tapping the left trigger

It really confuses the goalie!

penalty hits the goalies bonce and goes in!

11. Hit the left trigger and circle (or B) to do sick trick shots!

You can do a lot better than this though...

bad trick shot

12. Finally, you can always just adjust the sliders to make it easier

I mean, it kind of takes away the challenge....but you'll definitely look awesome to anyone watching!

Pogba Dabbing inside a computer