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Guess the 2000s Song Lyrics From This Quiz!

Are you a 2000s pop music historian? You'll have to be to get full marks on this epic noughties quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 1st 2022

We say a line from a classic song from the 2000s, and you say which song it's from - simple, right? We'll see about that.

For more recent music, check out this epic 2010's music quiz, or this ultimate pop quiz! And for something a bit different, find out what Adele song is most like you!


B A N A N A S!

2/10 Does Your Cat Love You Quiz

"I fell in love once and almost completely"


"Coming out of my cage and I'm doing just fine"


"Words can't bring me down"

@radiodisney | giphy

"Uh huh, life's like this"

@gwenstefani | instagram

"I'm not lying, I'm just stunnin' with my love-glue-gunnin'"

@huffpost | giphy

"I'm comin' up so..."


"It ain't no lie, I wanna see you out that door..."

9/10 A statue of an American president

"Don't wanna be an American ___"


"With a taste of a poison paradise"

EEEK! Never mind - there are plenty of other decades with good music. Have you tried the 2010s?

Not bad - but could be better! You sure you were alive in the 2000s though? Or maybe just not paying attention? Try another music quiz!

Nicely done! The 2000s were definitely your favourite decade!

Amazing! You must work for MTV! High score!