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2011 Music Quiz - How Well Do You Remember It?

Will you be quiz number One (direction)? The choice is yours!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 28th 2024

2011 was a pretty amazing year for music, but how well do you know these bangers from the past?! Have you got a good enough memory or will you be left rolling in the deep without a clue of where to go next? There’s only one way to find out so let’s see for ourselves! Let’s get musical!

Maroon5 | YouTube

Maroon 5 released a song that reached number 1 it was called ‘Moves like…


In the video for One Direction’s ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ where are they?


Who got the most selling song of the year?


Pitbull got a number one with ‘On The Floor’ but who sang it with him?


The Rizzle Kicks also released a top charting track, it was called ‘Down with the…


Ed Sheeran’s released an album in 2011 - what was it called?


Aloe Blacc wrote a very catchy song about money, but what currency was it?


If you chose Adele for question 3, well done! But what song won her that title?


JLS released ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ in 2011 - but who else was on the track?

Ellie Goulding | YouTube

Ellie Goulding sang a cover of ‘Your Song’ for the John Lewis xmas advert for 2011 - but who sang the original?

Oh no! It looks like the music of 2011 didn’t stick with you at all - that’s a shame! But don’t worry, thankfully it’s all still there and you can revisit it whenever you want! It might be worth doing that actually because you didn’t really score very well on this quiz, so if you’re going to try again, it might be worth checking some of the top hits from 2011!

Alright! You’ve got a few right on this quiz, well done! But we think that you can do better! After all, 2011 wasn’t THAT long ago right? Think back into the swirling mists of Adele and Rihanna, what can you see!? There’s still room for improvement, so why not have another go and see if you can score higher?!

Awesome! Well done! You’ve scored really well here! You clearly know your music and it shows! There isn’t much that has slipped past you and if any of your friends ever need advice on Adele’s early career then you’re clearly the person to ask! Well done! But there are still a few you missed out on, so why not have one last go, and see if you can score 100%? Go on, give it a go!

Pow! There it is! You’ve gotten every single question right! Well done! We didn’t think it was possible that brains could hold onto information for so long, but you've shown that some people are the true experts of music from 2011! It’s an incredible sight to behold, full marks - truly amazing! Soak up the glory and take a deep breath in, you’ve earned it!