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2020 General Knowledge Quiz

Have you been paying attention so far this year? It's not ALL been bad news!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 6th 2021

Obviously Coronavirus has been a pretty big deal this year - but other things have happened too! Take this quiz to see what you've missed so far!

Financial Times

In January, the Bank of England released a new £20 note with JMW Turner's face on. Who's he?


Where were the 2020 Olympics supposed to be held?


Which of these was NOT a real storm to hit Britain in 2020?


Scientists in Australia discovered the remains of an unusual type of kangaroo. What was special about it?


What does WHO stand for?

@boing-boing via giphy

What happened halfway through this interview with the Prime Minister of New Zealand?


A special kind of kitten was born in the USA in May. Why was it in the news?

@BBC via giphy

Why did Boris Johnson go to Hospital?

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