Minecraft - The 4 Ultimate Minecraft Hacks You Need to Know!

Become a Minecraft wiz with these awesome hacks!

1. How to breathe underwater

You can use the door tool to breathe underwater. If you select it when you're underwater it creates an air bubble for you to step in and out of to breathe! Wicked!

Minecraft breathe under water

2. How to dig down safely

Mine down by digging whilst standing on half a block to keep safe. This will get you to a diamond level super quickly! Woo!

Minecraft Dig

3. How to avoid scary Guardians

You can avoid getting shot by those scary Guardians by... Simply walking around a post! So simple, but they just can't get you! Genius!

Minecraft Guardians

4. How to mow the lawn easily!

Mow the lawn without even using a lawnmower! Simply place a bucket of water down, then pick it back up again and the water will do the rest for you! Tidy!

Minecraft Lawn

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