5 Apps Like Plants Vs Zombies

Tired of guarding your garden? Give these games a go!

1. Bloons TD Battles

Battle other players as you destroy pop streams of incoming balloons and send attacks to your enemy. This is a great place to try out the competitive side of Tower Defense games. 

Image by Bloons TD Battles | Ninja Kiwi

2. Kingdom Rush

Defend your kingdom against goblins, demons and evil wizards! This game has plenty of amazing power ups to turn the tide of battle and lots of challenges to keep you levelling up. 

Image by Kingdom Rush | Gamepress | Ironhide Studios

3. Blockfortress Empires

Collect resources, build your base and take on waves of enemies. This is like mod for Minecraft and feels really open-ended with loads of strategies to try out. But the game gets pretty tricky...

Image by Block Fortress: Empire | Forsaken Media

4. The Creeps!

Stop the nightmares and aliens from reaching Jimmy’s bed using ridiculous defenses. This is like a sketchbook that comes to life with towers like the explosive boomerang, hot glue gun, flying saucer, and flashlight blaster.

Image by The Creeps | Super Squawk Software LLC

5. Ancient Aliens; The Game

In a world where aliens came to earth in ancient times, play as an alien hybrid who has to build a civilisation, abduct humans and use their DNA to become more powerful! 

Image by Ancient Aliens The Game | A&E Television Networks Mobile

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